TWiSTED:SOLO (unplugged)

Created and Performed by Martha Carter

Date: April 24, 8-9pm
Location: hopbopshop @ Powell and McLean
Duration: One hour

This special presentation of TWiSTED:SOLO 'Unplugged' will be featuring Martha Carter's compelling 'back' story, but with a twist. The 'unplugged' version of the show will offer first time viewer as well as returning audiences a raw and intimate rendition of the TWiSTED experience.

Learn more about TWiSTED and past performances HERE

What the critics said...
"In this context, it’s her spine that speaks volumes.
"If dance is a way for Carter to reclaim her physical and personal power, it’s also a means for her to communicate."
Gail Johnson, The Georgia Straight

What the audience said....
"...very moving and poignant..."
"Incredible, powerful, heart twisting and really funny. A truly compelling evening."
"...brave and vulnerable and stunning."
"...enjoyable and joyful and human and worth seeing."

Flyer: Lenke Siftko
Photo credit: Steven Lemay