The Spell Remains

The Spell Remains is performed to a pulsating, beat-driven electronica score, exploring our primal response to rhythm and tribal communication. The Spell Remains is an exploration of Martha’s trademark ‘house ballet’ style. In this work, six dancers are propelled by the DJ’s relentless rhythm, dancing to the extremes of their physicality, ultimately engaging the audience in their altered reality. Afterwards, the spell remains.

"In The Spell Remains, I am exploring the connections between dancing with the codified techniques of ballet and contemporary, and dancing as a primal response to music without a specific technique. What really interests me is how these two worlds can collide, especially in the body of a trained dancer. Inspired by observations of my own and others’ ecstatic dancing at social dance events (raves, dance clubs, house parties, street festivals etc), The Spell Remains speaks of how driving rhythm compels us to move, to change, to transform, to grow, to heal; how it opens the door to an altered reality where we can communicate from the depth of our cells."
- Martha Carter

Premiered Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Jan 2005.

Thanks to The Shadbolt Centre, Dancing on the Edge, SFU, Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

Photo credit: Chris Randle