Mercedes Ghosh Trio

Mercedes Ghosh
- jazz vocals

With a history of singing that began at the age of five, Mercedes is a versatile & expressive vocalist whose passion for music shines through every per- formance. A singer with a wealth of experience, Mercedes committed to classical voice training at the age of thirteen and later gained operatic & piano training from the University of Victoria and the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Mercedes’ passion for Jazz took hold when she began performing in nightclubs with talented instrumental- ists within Canada & Japan. Mercedes also holds a BA in English Literature with Distinction from the University of Vic- toria. Her skill with language and love of words is evident in her original song lyrics. Currently, Mercedes is the lead vocalist for Swing 2 Beat, a gypsy “ma- nouche” jazz band in Vancouver BC.

Libor Michalak - Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, and Clarinet
Libor has studied music at the Univer- sities of Toronto and Western Ontario holding a degree in music and ecology. As a classically trained orchestral clar- inetist, and classical guitarist, Libor has performed many styles of music, even- tually embracing Jazz. He is a member Swing2Beat, a Django Reinhardt style swing band that performs throughout the lower mainland. He has also per- formed in the Vancouver Jazz Festival, other Jazz Festivals throughout Canada, for many Broadway musicals and has also recorded for radio and television. Libor is employed as a consulting profes- sional as a Wildlife Biologist in BC.

Jim Flaming - Jazz Guitarist
Jim studied music at UBC. Since then he has performed several different styles of music including classical guitar, progres- sive rock, blues and contemporary wor- ship music, but he loves performing Jazz the most because it is the most chal- lenging, exhilarating and spontaneous musical form. In recent years, he has performed as The Jim Flaming Trio, The Tunisia Jazz Trio, and with other various Jazz duos. Jim is also a guitar teacher in Delta.